Our mission is to help every person with ADHD reach their full potential

So, what's the story?

At Inflow, we help you manage your ADHD through our science-based program.


Inflow was created by a team of clinicians and coaches, many of whom also live with ADHD — so we know the struggle firsthand.


That’s why we created an affordable, easy-to-access solution to help people with ADHD thrive.


Inflow is based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), proven to be effective in the management of ADHD. We provide the tools you need to implement these strategies in your everyday life, all at your own pace. 


We do this with daily exercises, challenges, and tools that allow you to make small changes with a big impact.


ADHD can be challenging, but that doesn’t mean accessing support should be! If you’re looking for support with your ADHD, we’re here for you.

Neurodiversity makes us stronger.

At Inflow, we believe the world is made better by a diversity of minds and experiences.


This is why our program approaches ADHD not as a deficit, but as a natural variance among human beings. We embrace this diversity, and are committed to helping each of our members find their own unique path to thriving with ADHD.

For more information about our approach to neurodiversity and ADHD, please feel free to reach out at hello@getinflow.io.

Our clinical team and coach partners 

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