By people with ADHD;
for people with ADHD

Developed by leading ADHD experts, Inflow’s programs are based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Learn something new every day

At the heart of Inflow is our science-based program, proven to help ADHDers manage symptoms. We help you learn how ADHD specifically impacts your unique lifestyle, and better understand how your ADHD brain works.

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Connect with people that get it

You’re not alone. Find your place in our virtual, in-app community, and draw strength from people going through similar challenges.

Members can also join any of our live events with qualified ADHD experts to get their burning ADHD questions answered. We're here to help you make life simpler by seeing what works for you—and what doesn’t.

Your own personal ADHD coach

Achieve your goals—big and small—with the new strategies and tips you learn from Inflow’s professional coaching team.

By working alongside one of our expert coaches, you'll have all the accountability and support you need to get things done and stay on track.

...but don't take our word for it!


44 years old

Inflow is brilliant. Yes, I did question the initial price, but you get so much for it! It's well thought out, well-built, and cheaper than therapy! I've found it's both given me lots to think about, and strategies to cope with daily life.


29 years old

My partner says she's noticed the new effort I'm putting in, and has seen an increased level of consistency, as well as the beginnings of a more organized routine. The positivity that my daily use of the Inflow app is giving us has made a big (and very important) change in our relationship.


34 years old

Before Inflow, I honestly thought I was beyond help and that there just weren’t any ADHD-specific strategies out there that would work for me. This app has already given me so much hope that I have lost over the years.


22 years old

Life-changing. The Inflow app is helping me get to grips with some of the most frustrating and paralyzing aspects of ADHD in a way that I have not been able to do with other resources.

Ready to reach your full potential?

88% of Inflow users have reported benefits of using the app daily. Take our quiz to see how Inflow can help you on your ADHD journey, too!

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