Posting policy

The Inflow Community aims to be a positive and welcoming place for people to share their experiences about ADHD in a private and secure environment. It is intended as a peer-to-peer community; aside from ‘live webinars’, community discussions are not monitored by Inflow staff. So to maintain a safe and positive environment, all users are asked to follow these principles alongside our other terms.


Please be helpful.

Please be active. The Community is your space! Feel free to suggest new discussions - the Inflow staff will check that posts meet the criteria in this policy.

Please report any wrongdoing. Since Inflow staff do not monitor the discussions on the Community we encourage you to ‘Report’ any comments that you think do not meet the principles listed here. Your report will remain completely anonymous, and the reported user will not be aware that you have flagged their comment.​


Please do not post personal contact information. To protect the anonymity and security of Community members any email addresses or other contact information may be removed or edited to be anonymous. If you do post any personal information you do so at your own risk, so please be careful.

Please do not request medical help or advice. The Inflow community is made up of people on the program just like you. That’s great for support and sharing experiences but not a suitable source of help on any medical matter. If you feel you need or want professional advice on any aspect of your health please consult your doctor.

Please do not post any commercial links. The Community may only be used in a non-commercial manner; please do not distribute or otherwise publish material containing advertising, external links or soliciting for business.

Please do not be offensive. The use of offensive language, posting of links to graphic or offensive material, or any other activity which contravenes our terms is prohibited.

It’s essential that we enforce these principles for the benefit of the vast majority of users on the site. Any user who breaks them, either in spirit or word, may be subject to any actions we deem appropriate, including suspension or termination of their access to the System, Community and the App, as described in our terms.