10 ADHD blogs for science-lovers, parents, and more

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Best ADHD blogs

Having ADHD can be a confusing and isolating experience. Although many people have heard of it, the condition is often misunderstood — which means you can often feel misunderstood. Then there’s the difficult task of navigating everybody’s opinions about how best to deal with ADHD, whether it’s changing your medication or buying a trendy new planner

That’s why blogs can be a heaven-sent gift for ADHDers. They offer us a space to feel seen and recognized by people like us, and they’re a digestible way to find consolidated information on anything from symptoms to study tips or home organization hacks.

We compiled this list of awesome ADHD blogs to help you feel less alone and more supported. We’ve even categorized the content to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. Without further ado, let’s dive into the best ADHD blogs on the internet.

Best overall ADHD blog

The Inflow blog

Inflow is an ADHD management app that provides hours of learning modules that use science-based therapy techniques to help members better understand their ADHD. While the app is subscription-based, the blog is not—it’s a free resource for anyone to read!

Writers for the Inflow blog are usually ADHD freelancers that write about their experiences with ADHD, such as working from home with ADHD, the 10 stages of diagnosis grief, and more. Other writers for the Inflow blog have experience in mental healthcare or are parents of neurodiverse kids. The editor of the blog has a strong science background, so you can be sure that the information provided has been double- and triple-checked.

Best ADHD blogs for women 

ADD  Consults — Terry Matlen 

Founder of ADD Consults, Terry Matlen, is a psychotherapist, writer, consultant and certified ADHD coach—with a special focus in adult women with ADHD. Terry has written two books, The Queen of Distraction and Survival Tips for Women with ADHD. She’s also founded several ADHD communities.

On top of having a blog packed full of useful content, ADD Consults has a whole section on their website called Resources for Women with ADHD, which is an incredible directory of useful links, from organizational and time management tools, to ADHD-friendly clothing.

Best ADHD blogs for adults/diagnosed as adults 

ADHD Rollercoaster — Gina Pera 

Gina Pera, founder of ADHD Rollercoaster, is a passionate advocate for quality adult ADHD care and advice. She’s all about debunking ADHD myths and simplifying the complicated jargon to share digestible, honest information about adult ADHD.

In fact, you may have come across Gina before — she’s the author of a book beloved by many ADHDers: Is It You, Me, or Adult A.D.D.?, which chronicles the impact of late-diagnosis and offers evidence-based treatment strategies.

Marla Cummins

Marla Cummins is a certified Level 2 ADHD coach. She’s committed to helping adults with ADHD minimize its impacts on their daily life, as well as harnessing the many strengths of being an ADHDer that can help you achieve anything you set your mind to. A lot of Marla’s content focuses on following through with tasks and goals, and building skills to help you do so.

Best ADHD Blogs for Relationships

ADHD & Marriage

Founded by Melissa Orlov, a marriage consultant and top expert in the intersection of ADHD and relationships, ADHD & Marriage offers insight into how the condition impacts relationships, and ways to improve communication and satisfaction.

In addition to sharing her valuable advice on this website, Melissa is a guest writer for Psychology Today and several other publications. ADHD & Marriage also features writing from other qualified experts.

Best ADHD blogs for students/teens 

The ADHD Homestead — Jaclyn Paul

The ADHD Homestead has been a reliable source of information, advice, and compassion with regard to ADHD since 2014. Founder Jaclyn Paul has also been featured in ADDResoures, ADHD Roller Coaster, A Dose of Healthy Distraction, and more.

Since her blog dates back many years, Jaclyn covers several staple ADHD topics that will help teens build valuable skills for school and later life, like how to arrive on time and how to regain focus when you’re stuck on a big project.

Best ADHD blogs for parents

Mothering the Storm — Lacy Estelle (for parents with ADHD)

Both Lacy Estelle and her eldest and middle sons received a late diagnosis of ADHD, which spurred her to become as informed as possible about the condition and the various ways it could be impacting her life—parenting-related or otherwise.

Armed with this knowledge, she realized she could help other moms find their way, so she created Mothering the Storm as a “refuge for the ADHD momma”. From practical tips like 10 products and habits her family uses to combat ADHD symptoms, to valuable parenting advice like how to build self-esteem in your ADHD child, Lacy makes sure no ADHD momma will ever feel clueless again.

Empowering Parents (for parents of kids with ADHD)

For over a decade, Empowering Parents has been committed to helping parents and caregivers to do the best they can by utilizing advice rooted in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy principles. They pride themselves on unique, authentic, profound parenting content that helps transform your child’s behavior with noticeable results.

With an entire section dedicated to ADHD, and covering topics like ‘how to help your child transition to adulthood’, ‘brain training exercises’, and simple concentration and focus-building tips, this is an indispensable resource for any parent to an ADHDer.

Best ADHD blogs for science-lovers

ADDA Blog/Library

Founded over 30 years ago with the mission of helping adults with ADHD lead fulfilling lives, the Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA) is the world’s top adult ADHD organization. They focus their efforts on the life stages that most profoundly impact adults with ADHD, namely the transition to post-secondary education, and the transition to the workplace.

ADDA often takes a more scientific/fact-based approach to their content, rather than a first-hand anecdotal style, so it will likely resonate with any ADHDers who like to understand the “how” and “why” behind concepts.


For more than 24 years, ADDitude has been sharing expert advice and support for ADHD families and adults. ADDitude is to curates reliable and up-to-date information on everything ADHD-related, as learned from the world’s leading medical and mental health professionals.

They pride themselves on providing evidence-based, expert guidance to help ADHDers better understand and navigate the challenges of living with their condition.

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