ADHD podcasts: a complete guide to the best episodes

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One of the best things about modern technology is the accessible information — especially when it comes to understanding mental health conditions like Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD. A great example of this technology?


ADHD podcasts come in all flavors and genres, and everyone’s taste is different. So, unsurprisingly, the task of finding the right podcast for you can be a little overwhelming. In true ADHD fashion, many of us will probably spend a lot of time searching for the perfect podcast, only to burn ourselves out, and we never end up listening to the podcast.

Don’t you wish there was an easier way to find a collection of some of the best ADHD podcasts?

Look no further -  Inflow is here to help.

Before you scroll through our ADHD podcast playlist...

But wait! Before you scroll down, consider your answers to the following questions:

  1. Do you have a preference for long episodes or short episodes?
  2. Are you looking for podcasts for parents with ADHD? What about parenting ADHD kids?
  3. Does it matter to you if the podcast is funny? Or do you prefer podcasts without humor?
  4. What styles do you prefer – interviews, conversations, or lectures?
  5. What streaming platform will you use?
  6. Is it important to you if full transcripts are available for episodes?
  7. What kinds of ADHD topics interest you the most?

OK - now you’re ready to scroll!

Here are the best ADHD podcasts you can find right now - for free! - on Spotify, Google Podcasts, and/or Apple Podcasts. Note that they are in no particular order, and more may be added to the list post-publication.

The ultimate list of ADHD podcasts - 2022

Taking Control: The ADHD podcast

Taking control: the adhd podcast. available on spotify and apple podcasts. average episode length is 20-60  minutes, over 500 episodes, and full transcripts available on website
Full transcripts are available on

Hosts: Nikki Kinzer, a certified coach and online course creator; Pete Wright, a broadcaster and 'tech geek'

Perfect for people who: appreciate light humor; enjoy conversational interviews and—especially those with ADHD experts and mental health professionals; need full episode transcripts.

Some of the topics covered in this podcast's massive collection of 500+ episodes include analysis paralysis, ADHD burnout, and accountability partners.

We recommend starting with these episodes:

  • START HERE: Welcome to The ADHD Podcast - May 6, 2022
  • The Trouble with Transitions: Task-Switching and ADHD - September 21, 2021
  • Imposter Syndrome, Rejection Sensitivity, and Your ADHD with Mallory Band - April 12, 202

The Adulting with ADHD Podcast

The Adulting with ADHD Podcast. Available on spotify, google, and apple. 15-20 minute episodes; 75-100 episodes. transcripts unavailable

Host: Sarah Snyder, former journalist with late-diagnosed ADHD

Perfect for people who: enjoy interviews with people from all walks of life, but especially scientists and mental health professionals; identify as a woman; don't mind occasionally choppy audio.

Some of the topics covered on Sarah's podcast include reproductive health comorbidities, like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD); Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD); and gender bias in medical research and ADHD diagnoses.

Our episode recommendations:

  • Ep. 73 | Neurodivergence & Transitioning: Anna Grunseth shares her story
  • Ep. 75 | Racism in Healthcare: A Conversation with Sonia Lewis
  • Ep. 86 | Untangling Trauma & ADHD with Candace Baker

Faster Than Normal

Faster than normal available on spotify, apple, and google. 15-25 minute episodes, 275-300 episodes. Full transcripts and episode highlights available
Full transcripts available on

Host: Peter Shankman - best-selling author and entrepreneur with ADHD

Perfect for people who: view their ADHD as a gift, not a curse; enjoy interviews with celebrities; need full transcripts.

Some of the topics covered include cannabis metabolism, sensory processing, and fitness.

Episode Recommendations:

  • ADHD and STEM with Raven the Science Maven, Dr. Raven Baxter - January 27, 2021
  • Overclocking the ADHD brain via musical energy with Focus at Will founder, Will Henshall - April 28, 2021
  • The very real, totally hidden costs of being an adult with ADHD: an interview with Jillian Ivey - May 25, 2022

Women & ADHD

women and adhd,available on spotify, apple, and google. 60 minute episodes, 75-100 episodes. full transcripts available
Full transcripts available on

Host: Katy Weber - social media influencer, mother, and entrepreneur with late-diagnosed ADHD

Perfect for people who: identify as a woman; received their diagnosis later in life (i.e. not childhood); appreciate conversational (and hilarious) interviews; need full transcripts.

Episodes tend to revolve around common ADHD comorbidities or social issues, such as Hashimoto’s disease, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), and destigmatizing mental health and ADHD.

Recommended episodes:

  • Ep. 60 | ADHD & our insatiable appetite for planners
  • Ep. 85 | Tennille Boyer: Life with a ‘Type A’ partner
  • Ep. 90 | Laura Key: Anxiety, perfectionism, and ADHD “a-ha” moments

Translating ADHD

translating adhd available on spotify, apple, google. 20-30 minute episodes, 125-150 episodes. summaries only.

Hosts: ADHD coaches, Cameron Gott and Shelly Collins

Perfect for people who: are looking for motivation; enjoy listening to conversational and educational podcasts; don't require full transcripts.

Topics tend to revolve around positivity, self-advocacy, and empowerment, and include discussions about things like shifting your mindset, resilience, and engaging in self care.

Recommended episodes:

  • Hyperfocus and navigating big cognitive signals with ADHD - April 5, 2021
  • Navigating romantic relationships with ADHD - June 14, 2021
  • Emotions and stories: getting to what is real with ADHD - May 30, 2022

ADHD For Smart*ss Women

adhd for smartass women spotify, apple, google. 20-90 minute episodes, 75-200 episodes, full transcripts
Full transcripts available at:

Host: Tracy Otsuka, attorney and ADHD coach

Perfect for women who: are searching for an ADHD community to join; enjoy interviews with average women with ADHD; received their diagnosis later in life (i.e. not childhood); view their ADHD as a superpower, as opposed to a 'disorder'; need full transcripts
Some of the topics covered on this podcast include Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRBs), hormones, and attending graduate school with ADHD.

Popular episodes among fans:

  • Ep. 19 | ADHD and Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD)
  • Ep. 114 | ADHD, women, and hormones
  • Ep. 132 | ADHD and trauma with psychotherapist, Denese Marshall

The Verywell Mind Podcast

the verywell mind podcast on spotify, apple, and google. 10-60 minute episodes, 150-175 episodes. summaries only

Host: Amy Morin, clinical therapist and editor-in-chief at Verywell Mind

Perfect for people who: enjoy light humor; prefer lecture-style podcasts; are looking for quick tips; don't require full transcripts
Topics that are covered on this podcast include things like imposter syndrome, trauma and healing from trauma, and self-compassion.

Episodes we recommend:

  • Ep. 88 | Friday Fix: How to stop sabotaging yourself
  • Ep. 133 | Friday Fix: How to stop being a people-pleaser

Beautifully Complex

beautifully complex on spotify, apple, google. 30 minute episodes, 175-200 episodes. Full transcripts
Full transcripts here:

Host: Penny Williams, author of award-winning books and a certified parenting coach

Perfect for: parents of kids with ADHD and/or autism—especially if you’re nervous and looking for empowerment; people who need full transcripts
Topics covered on this podcast include vacationing with neurodiverse kids, daily affirmations, and creative parenting. 

Recommended episodes:

  • Ep. 129 | When being positive actually becomes negative, with Penny Williams
  • Ep. 145 | How to stop yelling at your kids, with Robbin McManne
  • Ep. 151 | What to do when your child gets in trouble at school, with Robert Tudisco, Esq.

The ADHD Friendly Lifestyle

the adhd friendly lifestyle on spotify, apple, and google. 20-30 minute episodes, 25-50 episodes total. Full trasncripts.
Full transcripts:

Host: Moira Maybin - mother, educator, and advocate with late-diagnosed ADHD

Perfect for people who: need full transcripts; received their ADHD diagnosis later in life (i.e. not childhood); appreciate Friends references and - by default - light humor
Topics covered by Moira include medication adjustments, ADHD in women, and hormones.

Episodes we recommend:

  • Ep. 5 | The one about coping with shame
  • Ep. 20 | The one about being stuck
  • Ep. 34 | The one about being a mom with ADHD

Parenting with Impact

Parenting with impact on spotify, apple, google. 20-30 minute episodes; 75-100 episodes. summaries only

Hosts: Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster, co-founders of Impact Parents, authors, and certified parenting coaches

Perfect for: parents with ADHD; parents of kids with ADHD, anxiety, autism, and/or learning disabilities; people who don't require full transcripts
The podcast covers restricted diets, tech overwhelm, and co-parenting. 

Episodes we recommend: 

  • Ep. 20 | What difference does diagnosis make? 
  • Ep. 28 | Gender and queer kids with neurodiversity
  • Ep. 56 | Missed diagnosis: Autism in girls

Dr. Ned Hallowell's Wonderful World of Different: ADHD and Beyond

dr. hallowell's wonderful world of different - adhd and beyond on spotify, apple, google. 20-30 minute episodes, 20 -30 episodes total. summaries only.

Host: Dr. Ned Hallowell - one of the world's leading psychiatrists specializing in ADHD; ADHD advocate and educator; best-selling author

Perfect for people who: don't require full transcripts; are long-time fans of Dr. Hallowell; enjoy listening to interviews with ADHD advocates and social media influencers; are looking for casual podcasts, as opposed to educational podcasts

Some of the ADHD guests on Dr. Hallowell's podcast include:

  • ADHD content creator and illustrator, Dani Donovan
  • ADHD podcast host, Tracy Otsuka
  • Military historian and author, Dr. Bryan Riggs

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