9 gift ideas for ADHD adults

Get your ADHD pal something they'll actually use.

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Holiday shopping for an adult with ADHD? Let them know you love them from Head-to-Mistletoe with these unique holiday gift ideas for ADHDers.

If you have A Special ADHD Someone on your shopping list this holiday season, you may be unsure about what to get them. So, here's a short holiday gift guide to give you ideas on the types of products that could be useful for someone with ADHD or executive dysfunction.

Who knows? Maybe you'll even find something for yourself.

The best gifts to get for an adult with ADHD

#1: Subscriptions to ADHD management apps

adhd management app on iphone or android screen with modules for procrastination and other ADHD struggles
Image source: Inflow

You may be familiar with self-care apps, like those with guided meditation (Headspace), health and habit tracking (Bearable), or body-doubling and productivity (Centered) ... but what about apps specifically designed for people with ADHD? Launched in April 2021, Inflow is a self-help ADHD app that has a similar approach to CBT and is based 100% on science. It also happens to be the best-selling ADHD app on the market.

Inflow features:

  • Learning modules: a growing library of learning modules that cover ADHD traits and topics, such as rejection sensitive dysphoria, bullet journaling, and ADHD & sex (18+). Relatable narratives outline topics and provide coping strategies from actual professionals.
  • Live coworking sessions: Did someone say "accountability"?
  • Live ADHD coaching: Group and one-on-one sessions
  • Daily challenges: Keeps members engaged with their goals
  • Community forum: Safe and validating space to remind members they're not alone

Download Inflow

#2: Google Nest (or other A.I. home assistants)

A google nest device on a table
Image source: Inflow

A.I. assistants make it so much easier to manage time and routines. These can come with a learning curve, but once routines are set up, the Google Nest Audio can practically manage your day (if you work from home), remind you to bathe your kid, announce the passing of time, and other cool stuff.

Google nest features:

  • Color options: pink, green, charcoal, blue, and white
  • Voice activation: "Hey Google, set a timer for 20 minutes."
  • Smart device connection: If the ADHDer on your shopping list already has Google Home devices (doorbell, appliances, etc.), they can all be managed with the Google Nest Audio
  • Powerful speakers: Useful for drowning out distractions when we're in hyperfocus mode

Shop Google Store

#3: Waterproof notepad

waterproof notepad and pens. The note is wet and written on it is "maybe I'm not lazy? Maybe I just have ADHD" and at the bottom: "idea for a book: robot cats??"
Image source: Inflow

Have you ever noticed that some of your best ideas come to you in the shower? People with ADHD tend to be creative, but we also tend to be forgetful. A waterproof notepad like AquaNotes just might be the unique gift your ADHD pal needs.

Waterproof notepad features:

  • Notepads: 1 pad or a pack of 5 with 40 sheets each; suction cups included
  • Aqua pencils: 1 - 5 pencils with suction cups
  • Waterproof: write in the shower or underwater with no smudging or tearing

Shop AquaNotes

#4: Trackers for frequently-misplaced items

A tile tracker (tracking device) on a white counter with christmas presents and ornaments around it.
Image source: Inflow

You can't go wrong with a Tile tracker when shopping for an ADHD friend. These small devices can locate the keys that we've already misplaced 9 times this week, among other things. Just make sure you tell your neurodiverse friend to attach the trackers their belongings right away so they don’t lose their Tiles, too.

Tile features:

  • Range: Up to 400 feet (bluetooth)
  • Water-resistant
  • Smart home device connectivity: Sync with your Google Home or Amazon Alexa device
  • Phone compatibility: Compatible with apple and android

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#5: Fidget spinners or fidget rings

Fidget spinning rings on a wooden table with a christmas tree and ornaments in the background
Image source: Inflow

The fidget spinner for grown-ups. These soundless spinner rings are readily available to occupy our hands when our ADHD brains need stimulation. Fidget toys and rings are useful for people with ADHD because of our anxious tendencies and a common comorbidity, body-focused repetitive behaviors.

Fidget ring features:

  • Style variety: You may need to shop around to compare styles; there are many out there!

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#6: Visual timer

Visual Timer for ADHD and neurodiverse individuals that struggle with time blindness and time management. Image is courtesy of Rene Brooks (Black Girl, Lost Keys)
Image source: BlackGirlLostKeys.com

People with ADHD often struggle with time management and/or time blindness. To help your neurodivergent buddy be more aware of the time passing, snag a visual timer from fellow ADHDer, Rene Brooks.

Timer features:

  • Battery-powered: Requires 2 AAA; not included
  • Timer capacity: 60 minutes
  • Sounds: Alarm sounds when time is up; no ticking noises as the timer runs
  • Free eBook: As of December 2021, BlackGirlLostKeys includes a free copy of her eBook, Tackling Your Time Perception Challenges, with every purchase

Purchase from BlackGirlLostKeys

#7: Acupressure mat

Image source: ShaktiMat.com

Acupressure mats, like the Shakti Mat, are designed to relieve tense muscles which, in turn, can alleviate the stress and anxiety that many people with ADHD frequently experience. I know the sharp spikes make it look scary, but the reviews are reassuring.

Shakti mat features:

  • Color options: black, green, pink, yellow, purple
  • Intensity options: light, regular (original), advanced
  • Other products: in addition to the mats, Shakti also offers roll pillows

Shop Shakti Mat

#8: Noise-reducing earplugs

pictures of dreidels scattered on a wooden table, next to black Loop earplugs
Image source: Inflow

Some people with ADHD (especially those who are also Autistic), are very sensitive to bright lights and loud sounds. When we struggle with sensory processing, it can be hard to focus on anything else. Loop (and other brands) make sound sensitivities more bearable with sound-reducing earplugs.

Loop earplug features:

  • Color options: black, dark red*, pink*, gold, rose gold, white*, silver, navy*, mint*
  • Intensity options: Experience, Experience Pro, Quiet
  • Sound reduction: reduces noise by 18-20 decibels (Experience, Experience Pro) or 25-27 dB (Quiet)
  • Silicone tips: All purchases come with 4 tips for a custom fit. Experience Pro plugs include mute add-on tips to reduce sound by an additional 5 dB

*only available with Quiet plugs

Shop Loop Earplugs

#9: Professional cleaning and organization services

If your Special ADHD Someone already has or doesn't need any of the other items on this list, look into cleaning and organization services in their area. (And yes — professional organizers are a real thing!)

Trust me on this one - everyone with ADHD would benefit from one or both of these services. Even if they're the tidiest person you know, they would still likely appreciate the decreased task load.

Happy shopping and Happy Holidays!

I hope this guide gave you useful gift ideas for your ADHD pal, even if that ADHD pal is you. (No shame in gifting something to yourself! I may or may not have bought myself a visual timer while I was writing this.) Need more ideas from the ADHD community or want to add some of your own ideas? Check out the original Twitter thread that sparked my inspiration for this post.

From our family to yours, Inflow wishes you all a very happy holiday season!

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